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Specializing in all types of plumbing service, with a guarantee on anything we install.
 new plumbing installation

New Installation

There is more to plumbing installation than just knowing how to install the latest, more contemporary fixtures and equipment. Insight into how new systems will function when mixed with older equipment is often an important factor in getting the job done correctly, saving you from future frustrations and expenses. We get the job done correctly.

Plumbing service and repair

Service & Repair

When you have a water problem, you want a plumber you can depend on and trust. Sometimes the trouble is merely a symptom of another issue. With many years of experience, Golightly Plumbing knows that finding the source of a problem is the primary focus, and we guarantee our work.

Water Treatment

It can be difficult to determine whether you actually need a water treatment system or what type of system would be best for your home or facility. Although the choice to use a water treatment system is up to each individual, there are many factors to be taken into consideration.We are happy to test your water and help with professional recommendations for your specific situation.

agricultural waterers

Agricultural Waterers

Obtaining a water supply of sufficient quantity and quality to serve the anticipated present and future production needs are just two factors to consider when watering agricultural animals. Our family has a lifelong history of raising horses and cattle, and can offer an extensive understanding of all aspects of agricultural watering.

About Golightly Plumbing Services

We are a family owned and operated company. Growing up in Fauquier County and raising our own family here, we know how challenging it can be to have plumbing problems in this rural area.

We specialize in all types of plumbing services, and one of our unique services is installing and servicing agricultural waterers. We guarantee anything we install. As local community members, we make sure the work we do is outstanding—we are in business to make lasting relationships with our customers. You can expect the best from Golightly Plumbing.

Sources We Trust

When it comes to doing things the right way, we depend on experts who know how to do things right

Multipure is dedicated to better water, better health, and a better lifestyle

Premier manufacturer of high quality drinking water systems, whose vision is demonstrated through innovative water filtration technology and an extraordinary opportunity for success.
Water Right

Family-owned and operated business, making “the right water for life” since 1963

Water-Right is one of the most trusted names in water treatment, and our solid reputation for solving the most complex and challenging water problems in residential, commercial and industrial environments is unprecedented.
Constant Water

Reliable, safe, easy-to-use, automatic, backup water storage system

  • No generator required
  • Automatic activation
  • Pressurized water throughout the house or facility
Water Cop

Stop plumbing leaks before they become major flood problems—use this automatic water shut-off system

  • Added property protection & potential insurance savings
  • Integration with home security & automation systems
  • Protects 24 hours a day while you are home or away

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